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2010 Olympic Skier from Jamaica


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Ralph Green (the first African-American on United States Disabled Alpine Ski Team)




The Beginning

 The Corbeau Ski Club, Inc. began as one man's dream of having a black ski club in Cincinnati. After years of talking about the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS), in 1985 Robert Jackson brought on board Daryl Carter, Harvey Pickrum and Beverly Clark who became the charter members. The primary aim of the club was to introduce the sport of skiing to the black community with emphasis on recruiting and training youth to compete as members of the U.S. Ski Team.   Corbeau quickly grew to become one of the most progressive ski clubs in the NBS. The club was granted its charter in 1986 and was the first NBS club to acquire non-profit/tax-exempt status.



1986 -- Club Formed

1996-1998 -- Rose Pickrum Served as President of the NBS

Over 30 Corbeau Members attend 2003 Summit, Whitsler, BC, Canada

In 2018, Corbeau Celebrates 32 Years on the slopes


Corbeau Goals



To promote skiing within the African American Community.




To identify, select and help fund African American youth who have the desire and talent to become a member of a United States Winter Olympic Ski Team;




2019 Steamboat Springs, CO

2004 - Copper Mountain, CO

2018 Squaw Valley, CA

2003 - Whister-Blackcomb, BC - Canada

2017 Keystone, CO

2002 - Snowmass, CO

2016 Heavenly, CA

2001 - Keystone, CO

2015 - Snowmass, CO

2000 - Copper Mountain, CO

2014 - Sun Valley, Idaho

1999 - Salt Lake City, UT

2013 - Snowmass, CO

1998 - Sun Valley, ID

2012 - Sun Valley, Idaho

1997 - Vail, CO

2011 - Steamboat Springs, CO

1996 - Innsbruck, Austria

2010 - Winter Park, CO

1995 - Steamboat, CO

2009 - Snowmass, CO

1990 - Heavenly Valley, Lake Tahoe CA

2008 - Breckenridge, CO

1987 - Lake Placid, NY

2007 - Steamboat Springs, CO

1986 - Crested Butte, CO

2006 - Banff Alberta, Canada

2005 - Vail, CO


          Notable Corbeau Trips                     


The NBS Lodging Strategy for the Summit and Mini-Summit is to now secure two facilities to visit on alternating years for next four years.   2012 is the first year this strategy has been put in place, with the Sun Valley Trip.   NBS will visit Snowmass, CO in 2013 and 2015 and Sun Valley in 2014.



The Summit is a biennial fundraiser of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, bringing together well over 5000 people from all across the country for a week of winter sports fun. Summits are held during odd years. The primary purpose of this fundraiser is to support the NBS Olympic Scholarship Fund, designed to provide financial support for exceptional athletes of color who excel in winter sports. The intent is to propel these young athletes to Olympic and international competition. In addition, funds from this event support the operation of the National Brotherhood of Skiers.


WHAT IS THE AMCC (Mini-Summit)?

The AMCC is the Annual Meeting/Challenge Cup, also known as "The Mini Summit". AMCCs are held during the even years, at which time the national elections are held for officers of the National Brotherhood of Skiers. Traditionally, attendance at the "Mini-Summit" is slightly lower than the Summit. However, the "Mini-Summit" still attracts thousands of participants.